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Personal Training, Richmond, VA and Surrounding areas

About Tracey Ikenberry

Certified Personal Trainer

BIS in Biology and Community Health Education

ACE, NASM Senior Specialist, NASM Nutrition Specialist, Pilates, Prenatal/Postnatal and Women's health training, Men's health training,

Training and Educating for over 20 years

Health Educator for the State of VA 6 years

Everyone says a trainer needs to specialize in one field.  That is difficult for me because I love training such a wide variety of people.  Everyone has such a unique and special story and an original set of goals that I feel compelled to help.  You see I am a people person, and love being part of your change.

I love working with seniors, lets take Carolyn for example.  Her biggest goal when we started was to be able to squat down and get back up again.  She nearly cried with joy when she accomplished this goal after two weeks of training with me.  Or Lloyd who had a knee replacement and was having a hard time with mobility of his knee after being released from physical therapy.  Now he has complete mobility and his knee is stronger and he is fitter than ever. 

I love working with diabetics, we talk about cleaning up their eating habits and exercising more.   Al and Don love their processed foods.  After learning how to read food labels and adding more veggies to their diet.  They got excited seeing their blood levels drop and enjoyed learning about healthy eating habits.  Both of their wives thought they would never change their ways.  They both have personally thanked me for improving the health of their husbands.  "what an honor for me"

I love working with Pregnant/Postnatal women.  It is fun getting these ladies in shape for their delivery, sharing baby stories, and seeing how quickly they bounce back after the baby is born.  Suzanne came to me looking to lose weight after having her 2nd child.  2 months into our training she found out she was expecting her 3rd child.  I trained with her the entire pregnancy, she said it was her easiest pregnancy.  She had the smoothest delivery, bounced back to training quickly and was less weight than when we initially started.   "I love being a part of that, so sweet"

I love working with women of all stages, lets take Tricia for example, she is in her early 20s beginning to make her health a priority.  She has improved her eating habits, cut back on drinking, feeling better and enjoying life more.  Another cool client is Cindy, she came to me looking to lose weight and being over 40 really struggled.  She ate good and exercised but no luck.  She has dropped two dress sizes after working with me. "exciting"

I love working with men in their 40s and 50s.  I have trained so many of these fellows and the results have been amazing.  Lets look at Chris, he lost over 20 lbs, improved his strength, balance and stamina.  He even improved his golf swing.  Then their is Tom, he said he hasn't been that buff in over 20 years that he now feels like a newlywed again and he is grateful for that.  Another fellow named Mike, quickly dropped major weight and just recently did his first pull up ever.  "I love being a part of that, so cool"

So as you can see its really hard to pick just one.  I would love to know your personal story and how I can be a part of your transformation! :)

My life work has and always will be in the health and wellness field.  I am very passionate about the health of my community.  I am with you every step of the way making sure your workout is appropriate to your level of fitness as well as safe and effective.  My favorite part of training my clients is seeing the excitement they feel as they reach their goals.  To get started, I like to know a little about you and what you want to work on.  Together we join forces to make it happen and boy does it feel good.   We will push, pull, press and lift your body into a new you.  A lot of times, I hear from my clients, " I can't do that".  They are amazed when they see they can and that is what happens when we train together.  We will gradually progress the workouts to get you stronger, happier, and healthy in no time.  :)






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