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Holistic customized training. 

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Weight loss, Richmond, VA and surrounding areas

Small group training allows you to maximize the quality of your workout.

Share Training/one on one training

Small personal training for like minded/same fitness level people.  Everyone knows that people get the best results when they have a personal trainer.  Share training allows you to work in a small group up to 4 total.  Do u already have a group in mind or we can find a session for you? Call now to reserve your spot. 

80 % of Weight loss is what you eat.  I have great tips to help.

Corporate Wellness Health talks

Offering a variety of formats to meet your needs

1.  Fit It In

Goal: Learn how to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine to improve your health and quality of life.

2.  Puzzled about Diabetes

Goal: To create a better understanding of the disease, how to reduce risk as well as learn warnings and symptoms of disease.

3.  Tired of not losing weight?  The root of the cause could be in your food even the food you think is healthy.

Goal:  Learn why diets don't work and what really works to get weight off. Recent research has proven truly simple techniques to weight loss success.  This evidence based program looks breaks down the calorie myth, talks about which foods stimulate weight loss and weight gain.

4. S.M.I.L.E at Stress 

Goal:  To assist people into recognizing that their beliefs and attitudes are the only things they have control over and to how using a response grid to brainstorm can help cope with a given stress more powerfully.

5.  The Risky Business of Sitting all Day

Goal:To assist workers in developing healthy work habits by encouraging regular stretching breaks and simple exercises during the workday.

As your trainer I am here for you every step of the way.

Health /Nutrition Coaching

Are you stuck in a nutrition rut?   Has your doctor told you its time to better care of your health?  Need a little guidance?  I can help with lifestyle management, healthy eating, and weight losss.  Learn about current research and science based trends to good nutrition and health. Why weight loss is 80 % diet. 


Want to HOST a Wellness Party?


Invite all of your friends for an evening of taste tests  and demonstrations. Learn about Juicing verses blending, fat loss recipes that taste good and are filling, and much more.  Cost is $25 per person.  Host gets 2 personal training sessions and must get 8 people to attend the party ?

CALL 405-1999 to Get Started Now!


Wellness Events (TBA)

Moms groups, church groups and more (TBA)

Grocery shopping

Recipe creation/shopping lists

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