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Customer Testimonials

"When I started training with Tracy Ikenberry at ACAC Short Pump I weighed 197 lbs, had very little energy. My body fat was 26.5%, and my core strength and conditioning was terrible. I could do only one pull-up and had very poor balance. Lastly, I had chronic back pain.

I am now on my 3rd 10pack and have seen drastic results such as:

- I now weigh 169 lbs (my college weight)
- body fat is down almost 6%
- my distance off the tee in golf has increase 15-25 yards on average (due to core strength)
- I can now do 2 sets of 8 pull ups with the last being a 4-5 second negative
- my balance has improved dramatically - I can now balance on 1 foot on a Bosu ball
Lastly, my chronic back pain has almost disappears completely.

All of these results are due to Tracy's thorough knowledge of training, muscle confusion and nutrition."

- Chris Wyatt, 56, Medical Sales


I have been working with Tracey as my personal trainer at ACAC for 2 months. We started out right on my level and Tracey has created workouts that challenge me each week. Our workouts continue to change so I am always excited to see what new equipment we'll use. I feel so much healthier but best of all my clothes are getting looser each week!
Down 10 inches all over, 3 % Body Fat, and Feeling Better than ever.

- Cindy Harwood, Kindergarton Teacher


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